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Award-winning RRsat teleports are connected via a dynamic and robust fiber network that guarantees the highest quality point-to-multipoint connectivity for delivery of any media content. The Emek HaEla, Jerusalem and Herzliya teleports, situated in Israel at the geographic crossroads of the world communications network, our Hawley Teleport in the hills of Pennsylvania and our European teleport in Budapest, Hungary include over 160 antennas and uplink to every continent. In addition, RRsat maintains over 20 partner teleports worldwide providing selective uplink and downlink capabilities in those regions. We continue to add capacity as more customers switch to our reliable, cost-effective RRsat distribution services.

RRsat provides real time support services to all the RRsat teleports and partners around the world using qualified in-house engineers and, additionally,  maintains a high level Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring our teleports with sophisticated management and control equipment. This enables real time detection, monitoring and control of equipment operation and teleport services, as well as services.

Emek HaEla

RRsat’s Emek HaEla Teleport, one of Israel’s premier telecommunications facilities, is located in the Judean hills on 26.5 acres of land in the pastoral Ela Valley. The Emek HaEla Teleport comprises over 100 satellite dishes ranging from 2.4 to 32m diameter, providing uplink and downlink facilities from 105.5°E to 37.5°W. The Emek HaEla site also houses RRsat’s advanced Network Operations Center.


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RRsat’s Hawley Teleport, previously operated by Loral Skynet, is located on 200 acres in the hills of Pennsylvania. The Hawley Teleport comprises over 30 satellite dishes ranging from from 1.8m to 32m diameter, providing uplink and downlink facilities from 8°W to 135°W. A playout center and the headquarters of RRsat America are also located at the Hawley Teleport site.

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We are happy to start cooperating with RRsat expanding the geography of English Club TV broadcasting.  Our partners have offered us technical solutions that will help us to be more effective and attractive in the global marketplace…I’m sure that our experience as well as the experience and excellent service from RRsat will help us get positive feedback from the market.

Andrew Semchenko,
Managing Director of ECTV Network Limited

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