RRsat Global Communications Network

Fiber network

The RRsat Global Network includes an integrated fiber network with over 15 POPs interconnected with the world’s major telecommunications providers.  We connect all five continents and provide our customers with a total managed service for end-to-end connectivity throughout the world 24/7/365.  Our occasional services unit also provides ad hoc service on the fiber as well as the satellite network. 

RRsat's system network management tools enable the entire network to be monitored remotely from our Network Operations Center (NOC).  This enables monitoring and real time support to be provided for the complete service route, including headend equipment, fiber routes, and satellite uplinks. These tools include:

  • Central management and monitoring system providing alarms and real time indications of the overall system performance
  • Management and control of all the IP switching, routing and network access blocks in the network infrastructure
  • Monitoring and analysis of all the generated video, audio and MPEG transport streams
  • Service-oriented event management system connected to all other OSS and element managers in the network to support end to end business process and support.
  • Network Management tools controlling the multiplexing, encoding and decoding of installed equipment on the overall network

The RRsat Global Network provides reliable, low cost delivery of video, audio and data from any point in the world to any point in the world.

RRsat’s advanced media asset solutions result in efficient, robust, high quality performance, their attention to our needs, in both playout and uplink services, combined with a high level of technological know-how, is why we chose RRsat to playout and deliver our channel.

Victor Chan,
Vice President of Broadcast Technical Operations at FOX International Channels Asia

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