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Content capture

Content is captured into the RRsat networked storage system using the customer’s choice of delivery media and formats:

  • From a variety of magnetic and optic media
  • Via a choice of secure file-based, tapeless content capture options including:
    • Satellite downlink  
    • Dedicated fiber links
    • FTP and other file transport solutions
    • Over-The-Top of the public Internet or VPN
    • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
Satellite downlink
Dedicated fiber links
File transport
OTT (RRstream)
Physical media

With over 180 antennas located in RRsat’s six teleports or through our 20 partner teleports, we can cost--effectively downlink SD, HD and 3D content from satellites in any region—Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa or Asia Pacific. RRsat can regionalize the content or simply turn it around and deliver it as is, often in just, one “hop”. 

The managed RRsat Global Network contains over 100 dedicated direct fiber links to customers like Fox, MTV,  DISH Network and others worldwide.   As requested, these links might be both dual and diverse, may be single links or may be backed up using RRstream Over-the-Top of the Internet streaming.  These links are managed by the RRsat Network Management System where status management for both services and hardware is automated ensuring that problems are quickly detected and resolved.

RRsat captures content from external locations with ease using FTP sites, file acceleration software (e.g. Aspera, Signiant), network sharing, etc). as defined together with our customers.

Using RRstream, TV channels can be streamed over the Internet to RRsat for global distribution using the secure MPEG over Internet Protocol (MPEGoIP). RRstream ensures long-haul low-to-(close to) zero latency for real-time video delivery of both SD and HD over standard IP connections while maintaining high content resolution. It can be used as backup for automatic redundancy for a direct fiber connection such as is used by Fox Sports or may also be used as a primary avenue of contribution in place of fiber connectivity.

RRstream can also be used as a method for receiving off-air confidence monitoring for satellites within RRsat's broad geographic coverage.

RRsat Playout Centers are able to acquire content on Beta SP, DigiBeta, DV, HDCAM, SX BETACAM, DVCAM or DVCPro-HD, MiniDV formats and others and to archive it for further use. 

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. provides reliable, good-quality, turnkey delivery solutions. RRsat has been instrumental in delivering signals of ETV Channels to USA with necessary time shift according to one of our requirements.

Mr. K. Bapineedu,
ETV Network’s Vice President

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