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Content delivery

Using the integrated RRsat Global Network which is comprised of 6 teleports and more than 20 partner teleports with over 180 satellite dishes, RRsat’s fiber network and the public Internet, RRsat delivers 630 TV and radio channels to satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile operators as well as providing content to viewers on Direct-to- Home (DTH) platforms and over-the-top of the Internet (OTT).  Together with RRsat's team of experts, RRsat's customers choose the delivery method best suited to their needs as relates to cost, efficiency, quality and popularity of the means of delivery. 

Satellite uplink
Fiber delivery
OTT (RRinternetTV)

From 180 antennas at 6 RRsat teleports covering 150 countries, RRsat provides uplink services on over 40+ MCPC digital platforms, encrypted or free-to-air.  Whether you are distributing your content to cable TV,  DBS, DTT, IPTV and mobile service operators or direct-to-home viewers, experienced RRsat staff can help choose the most cost-effective solution for you.  Channels may be delivered “as is” (turnaround) or regionalized for multiple locations, as you need it.

RRsat maintains delivers tens of TV channels directly over redundant, dual and diverse, fiber to satellite operators like EchoStar and cable networks like Comcast and HOT Israel.   RRsat’s high capacity fiber network offers its customers the option of a direct robust, dual and diverse path, with full redundancy, for content capture from and delivery to all five continents. These fiber links are handled as part of the RRsat Global Network managed by the RRsat Network Management System ensuring that problems are automatically detected and quickly resolved.  

RRsat’s comprehensive and cost-effective RRinternetTV solution empowers channels to expand their viewer base throughout the world by distributing content, advertising and promotions Over-The-Top (OTT) of the Internet directly to the viewer’s PC. Proven infrastructure gives channels the choice of broadcasting from their own websites, from the RRsat platform or from both. RRsat can acquire content from any location and in any format, and provides full control and monetization capabilities.

As TEMPO continues to expand geographically, we are thrilled to have RRsat’s global advanced playout and uplink services expertise to guide our way

Frederick A. Morton, Jr.,
Founder, Chairman & CEO, TEMPO Networks, LLC.

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