RRsat Global Communications Network

Satellite downlink, turnaround and uplink

The RRsat Global Network provides downlinks from over 70 satellites and uplinks to over 40 C-Band, Ku-band or Ka-Band (2.4m to 32m) satellites, working with tens of satellite operators and including 40+ RRsat-operated MCPC digital platforms.

Downlink SD, HD and 3D content from any region—Americas, Europe, Africa or Asia Pacific--and digitally turn it around to anywhere, often in just a single hop. RRsat can regionalize the content or deliver it as is. RRsat supports DVB-S, DVB-DSNG and spectrum-efficient DVB-S2, which is optimized for HDTV or 3DTV, and delivers superior video quality.

Uplink content and deliver it, free-to-air or encrypted, to a global audience over DTH platforms or Over-the-Top of the Internet. Or encrypt it and deliver it to DBS, cable, DTT, IPTV and mobile service operators. For secure content encryption, RRsat offers Irdeto, Viaccess, Conax, NDS and other industry-standard conditional access systems. On several of RRsat’s MCPC platforms, we provide customers with simulcrypt capabilities.  Customers may choose to encrypt content themselves and RRsat will deliver the content as encrypted.

RRsat also offers the relevant smart cards and CAM modules as well as subscriber management services (SMS) for card management, activation and deactivation.

Choose the satellite, the regionalization and the encryption that best fits your budget and destinations.

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RRsat’s advanced media asset solutions result in efficient, robust, high quality performance, their attention to our needs, in both playout and uplink services, combined with a high level of technological know-how, is why we chose RRsat to playout and deliver our channel.

Victor Chan,
Vice President of Broadcast Technical Operations at FOX International Channels Asia

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