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Media Asset Management

RRsat’s Media Asset Management (MAM) system enables the Playout Center to efficiently, flawlessly and automatically manage large volumes of content while ensuring high availability of functions.  Using the MAM, RRsat can collect, index (meta-tags), catalogue, retrieve and distribute rich digital media content regardless of file format, managing the digital media workflow and maximizing our customers’ return on assets.

The MAM can create low-res files of all content at ingest to enable quick searches on even complex queries, and efficient management and use of the content.  It improves workflow efficiency and facilitates speedy non-scheduled access to media.   

In realtime, RRsat can acquire content and automatically QC, archive, access, playout and distribute it within seconds over the RRsat Global Network.

Optional services provided allow any personnel authorized to use the system to be able to:

  • search/browse the authroized material stored in the archive;
  • view associated metadata;
  • enter additional metadata and edit existing metadata;
  • view proxy files of the content on a standard PC.

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. provides reliable, good-quality, turnkey delivery solutions. RRsat has been instrumental in delivering signals of ETV Channels to USA with necessary time shift according to one of our requirements.

Mr. K. Bapineedu,
ETV Network’s Vice President

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