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For breaking news, anywhere in the world, and for sports and special events that keep millions of global viewers glued to their TV screens, RRsat is there.  Whether you need a few minutes or hours of one-time programming, multiple feeds on a regular basis or immediate coverage as news unfolds, RRsat has the solution.  Our downlink, turnaround and uplink services give you instantaneous broadcast distribution capabilities across the globe, from any origin.  Thousands of broadcasters depend on our five-continent, star-shaped global communications network and our highly experienced staff of engineers and technicians for on-the-spot services, whatever your broadcast needs.

RRsat means cutting-edge technology.  Our advanced large-scale 3G matrix and HD motion-compensated convertor support the full range of format conversion and audio processing, including Dolby E routing, to ensure highest video quality for sports and news feeds.  A live multiview system, together with a sophisticated monitoring and control system, provides real-time alerts and automatic redundancy to neutralize service chain faults. With more than 40 of our own satellite platforms, fiber connectivity around the world, and real-time streaming over the top of the Internet, RRsat can deliver over 60,000 hours of occasional-use content each year. We connect any source to any destination at the push of a button – satellite to satellite, satellite to fiber, fiber to satellite and fiber to fiber.  

RRsat’s Booking Center is fully staffed around the clock, every day of the year, so delivery of breaking news from far-off time zones can be arranged as easily as regularly scheduled feeds.  Our expert Occasional Use Consultants are available when you need them, with a range of solutions that leverage RRsat’s multiple satellite platforms, global fiber network and OTT capabilities.


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We are happy to start cooperating with RRsat expanding the geography of English Club TV broadcasting.  Our partners have offered us technical solutions that will help us to be more effective and attractive in the global marketplace…I’m sure that our experience as well as the experience and excellent service from RRsat will help us get positive feedback from the market.

Andrew Semchenko,
Managing Director of ECTV Network Limited

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