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Occasional use

RRsat provides occasional use teleport services each year for leading channels worldwide. For sports, special events and news coverage, RRsat provides feeds ranging from a few minutes to several hours in duration; one-time service, multiple feeds or regularly scheduled service; and immediate coverage at any time of day or night, as events unfold. Downlink, turnaround and uplink services deliver instantaneous broadcast distribution capabilities across the globe, from any origin.

RRsat’s hub in the Middle East, 40 satellite platforms, extensive fiber network and real-time streaming over the Internet enable quick, easy connection of any source to any destination–satellite to satellite, satellite to fiber, fiber to satellite and fiber to fiber. 24/7 booking enables customers to reach RRsat instantly, whenever the need arises.

The company’s advanced large-scale 3G matrix and HD motion-compensated convertors support the full range of format conversion and audio processing, including Dolby E routing, to ensure highest video and audio quality for sports and news feeds.  Content can be broadcast as MPEG-2 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, MPEG-4, SD, HD or even 3-D.

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We have selected RRsat after carefully evaluating all their capabilities, including their teleport services, fiber network, master control room (MCR), engineering team and coordination/booking skills. Our recent visit to RRsat's new state of the art teleport in Israel, established our confidence that we have a partner that can address our needs for the long term.

Paolo Pusterla,
Head of Procurement, EBU Network

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