RRsat Global Communications Network

Data delivery

RRsat provides large-scale permanent end-to-end data capture and uplink services over the RRsat Global Network’s satellite and terrestrial fiber services in real time. Occasional use data delivery is also available via RRsat’s satellite or fiber network. The 24-hour RRsat booking center makes it easy to book data delivery instantly, at any time.

Data delivery is managed and monitored 24/7 by the RRsat Network Operations Center, and accomplished using over 160 satellite antennas, uplinked to over 50 satellites and through 6 RRsat teleports in Israel, US and Europe, as well as over 20 partner teleports worldwide.

Customized backup and disaster recovery planning ensures reliable communication of mission-critical data. RRsat offers secure storage backup, alternative satellite and fiber paths, and monitoring of ongoing functionality, as well as automatic synchronization and switching solutions.

We are excited to partner up with RRSAT so that RT's programs can continue to expand its reach around the world…

Margarita Simonyan,
RT’s editor in chief

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