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Backup & disaster recovery

With over 160 satellite dishes in 6 teleports and over 20 partner teleports plus an extensive global fiber network that is connected to RRsat’s advanced playout centers, RRsat provides the backup and disaster recovery services that allow TV channels, multi-channel platform operators and even satellite operators to stay on air during disruptions in playout, distribution or operations.

Until service is restored at our customer’s primary or secondary facilities, RRsat originates broadcasts, plays out material, inserts local advertising, distributes content over the same or other satellites and supports the customer’s operations, so that programming remains continuous and RRsat’s customers enjoy uninterrupted advertising and subscription revenues.

RRsat can monitor ongoing functionality and provide automatic synchronization or switching solutions that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

RRsat meets our customers’ backup and disaster recovery requirements for playout, distribution and operations by providing:

  • Content preservation at our facility
  • Downlink and turnaround uplinks to the same or substitute satellites
  • Fiber and IP connectivity as backup of existing connectivity or as potential workaround solutions
  • Full or partial playout including scheduled multi-language program substitution, local advertising and promotion insertion and regionalization
  • Hosting equipment with remote access maintained and monitored by our expert staff
  • Remote and mirror earth station for telemetry monitoring, tracking, and commanding (TT&C) and In-Orbit Testing (IOT) operations



... During the current economic slowdown, together with RRsat, we have found a creative solution providing a state-of-the-art technological solution on the one hand, and a business model tailored to these times for Keshet, on the other.

Zohar Alon,
Chief Technology Officer of Keshet

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