RRsat Global Communications Network

Mobile satellite services

Through Station711, RRsat provides satellite communications solutions for the maritime, land and aviation markets. Station711 services and solutions include:

  • 711Sat-Converge, a single point of management for all satellite communications from Inmarsat 3rd and 4th generations through VSAT and other satellite links. Sat-Converge enables terrestrial-based networking management, Unified Threat Management (UTM) and monitoring.
  • Shore-to-ship customized two-way satellite communications solutions, based on the latest VoIP technology, that integrate with existing infrastructure and include cost-effective direct shore-to-ship capabilities.
  • smart@sea onboard modular communications solution that links to a Fleet Broadband satellite network and provides cost reduction optimization, simplified operations and a secure network.
  • Crew welfare solutions that enable crews to stay connected while at sea using prepaid voice, data (email, web browsing and chat), an "onboard Internet café" and news services.

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. provides reliable, good-quality, turnkey delivery solutions. RRsat has been instrumental in delivering signals of ETV Channels to USA with necessary time shift according to one of our requirements.

Mr. K. Bapineedu,
ETV Network’s Vice President

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