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Governments, military organizations and defense industries that rely on real-time, high-value data and video as crucial inputs to decision-making are increasingly turning to commercial satellite service providers for data delivery to relay mission-critical messages and images.

For these customers, RRsat provides secure end-to-end data capture and uplink services through the extensive satellite and terrestrial fiber RRsat Global Network. Key features for these mission-critical applications include:

  • Large-scale, real-time permanent data communications using over 160 satellite antennas and data capture and uplink to over 40 satellites, via 6 RRsat teleports and 20 partner teleports
  • Occasional use satellite delivery, available to securely, reliably deliver data and content whenever and wherever they are needed
  • 24/7 booking and operation support
  • Customized backup and disaster recovery planning to ensure strong, reliable global communications under the most difficult circumstance, including alternate satellite and fiber paths and automatic synchronization and switching
  • Flexible, rapid, robust solutions managed and monitored by RRsat's advanced Network Operations Center
  • Secure transmission of encrypted messages and images
  • Secured teleport facilities that are safeguarded against natural and man-made disasters and attacks
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Setanta Sports has a proud history of delivering top live sports content around the world. We are delighted to be entering in to these new territories and are excited to be working with RRsat to deliver this fantastic content to our TV partners in these regions.

Dwyer McCaughley,
CEO, Setanta Sports Eurasia

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